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Installation and cabling of HDMI cable
Date:2013-4-17 23:59:02
Step 1: For PVC cable gland, tubes with diameter larger than 25mm shall be chosen as far as possible.
Step 2: The cable shall have proper flexibility bendable but not easily broken.
Step 3: The connector shall be elaborately terminated, preferably processed with gold-plating, protecting the terminal from rusting and avoiding a bad connection.
Step 4: Before cabling, it is necessary to test the cable quality. Only qualified cables can be used for cabling.
Step 5: In de-spooling, both ends of the connector shall be provided with dust cap and painted with waterproof glue.
Step 6: In de-spooling, slotting shall be done as much as possible. No pulling by force, twisting or knotting when installing the cable across the conduit for such action will damage the internal capacitance and natural impedance structure, causing signal attenuation and distortion. 
Step 7: The cable must be separated from cables carrying force electricity.

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