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How is HDMI interface classified?
Date:2013-4-17 23:52:46

The High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a compact audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed digital data signal from external devices such as a DVD player, Blu-Ray player or satellite receiver to a TV. There are three types of HDMI connections:

Type A: Type A is the standard sized HDMI cable, the outside width of the male connector is 13.9mm and it contains 19 pins.

Type C: Type C is widely known as mini-HDMI and is common on devices like digital cameras and camcorders. Its male connector is 10.42mm wide.

Type D: The newest connector, Type D or micro-HDMI, is becoming popular on small devices like smart phones. Its connector is just 5.83mm in width.


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