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LINK-MI LM-TV04Q 2x2 Video Wall Controller Support 4K@30Hz
1. This product is a special LCD TV, ultra-narrow LCD screen, projector HD
screen splicing processor, a single unit supports 4 HDMI signal output, connected to LCD TV or other display devices, can be customized according
to user needs of various splicing mode.
2. Support cascade, the maximum 255 signal output.
3. HD processing chip, up to support 4K @ 30HZ HDMI signal input.
4. Support infrared remote control, the user can remote control the splicer for
a key quick control and full function
Simple and convenient, the remote control adopts ultra-sensitive design, easy
to use.
5. Support 1 HDMI input signal to the large screen for splicing display.
6. Support audio independent output, support audio and video synchronous
7. Support all models of splicing screen and 180 degree image rotation.
8. Support border fading technology, in the case of not using the border fading,
the image will appear visually stretched away; after the border fading
processing image without distortion, stretching, visual more natural and
9. Intelligent fan cooling, product performance is more stable and reliable

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